The Sinner — Paris

By settling in the heart of the lively, eclectic Marais, Sinner breaks the rules of a luxury hotel. As it reveals its own take on the city, it shares its vision of Parisian style, which is a true departure from long-established traditions. Sinner pushes back boundaries. It captures an irreverence without renouncing the luxury and elegance characterizing the capital’s finest addresses. 

Frederic Forest has been invited by Amelie du Chalard, Tristan Auer and the owners to draw several characters that are hanged in rooms and bedrooms of the hotel. They follows the appeal of the spaces and their miscellaneous clients. Their quiet lines of Frederic Forest always suggest your mind to complete them from your personal dreams or more…

Staying at Sinner is (re)discovering Paris where religious heritage, history, glamour, and mystery all mingle.