Lancôme – Women’s Day

Three key visuals represent the concept of “Lancommunity” launched on March 8th 2018 by Lancôme. During the International Women’s Day, the Self Love hero express the power of yourself and has been worldwide and virally embraced by women.

The idea of this group of women, who are friends, sisters, partners of beauty has been emerged by David Souffan, art director of Lancôme, from L’Oreal group. He was already a big fan of Frederic Forest’s art but he asked him to work on a new direction with not only one silhouette, but with several feminine personalities. These characters have to express their unity and also their unique style and attitude. This was the big challenge to find the perfect balance of this group where everyone is everybody, everyone can be you or your best friends.

Now, you might know the huge audience that has been touched by this powerful symbol of the drawing of Frederic Forest. The delicate and meaningful art of FredericForest has been pushed there at one of its most strongest appeal.